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If you had to suggest a tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?

i forgot to do laundry

birdiebuns replied to your post: i have to add more to the room i drew …

Se no yuyu no se NO BOTH.

i made it the one above my bed

omg yusuke said kurama cut the rest of the hair yusuke got when he went all demon in the last arc omg do u kn ow how important that piece of information is

i have to add more to the room i drew over the weekend and i have a space for a wall scroll should i make it the se wall scroll i have or a yyh one?

O course you always carry scissors. How else would you fight the life fibers?

i’m sure my blunt tip scissors will be helpful in the coming sentient clothing apocalypse



Wildlife photographer Will James Sooter captured the amazing struggle between a Peregrine Falcon and her chosen prey.

That weird pigeon looks so fly compared to that crazy plover